I did not understand a mother’s love until I became one.  At that moment, I knew I would fight to the death against anyone or anything that tried to harm this child of mine.  When I was expecting my second child, I worried if it was possible to love her as much as I did my first.  It was.



I attempt and fail at being a perfect mom.  The truth is a perfect mom is a myth.  All Moms just do the best we can.  God blesses each mother with different talents and we all have our own short comings.  Luckily, children are resilient and for the most part turn out just fine despite or in spite of our parenting.  The only thing I am pretty sure of is that spite is involved, as well as a lot of love.


Memories of time spent with mother are the most precious gift to children.  Knowing that they are loved and that they can count on you makes you Wonder Woman in their eyes.  Hollywood has never created a super hero to rival Mom.


While the purchased Mother’s Day card with its thoughtful prose and lovely picture is nice, my favorite card is one written by my child.  Nothing beats the pure sentiment from a child’s heart.


Everyone at North Texas Women’s Health Care wish all of our mothers, mothers-to-be, and those wishing to become mothers a wonderful mother’s day.  We feel very privileged to participate in patients’ obstetric care and delivery.


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