Navigating the Maze of Non-Permanent Birth Control Options

The reasons women and young women choose to use a form of birth control is as varied as women themselves.  One reason is obvious, to avoid pregnancy.  Hormonal birth control methods can help regulate periods, [...]

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Exercise and Pregnancy

So you are pregnant…congratulations! But what about your Crossfit workout, spin class or marathon training?   Are these activities safe to participate in while expecting?  On the other side of the spectrum, the less active may [...]

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Annual Well Woman Exam Myths

There are many myths about a woman's annual well woman exam. Some of the myths stem from the way exams were conducted in the past and are no longer true because of advances in medicine [...]

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To Gain or Not to Gain

Living in a weight conscious world, women are justifiably concerned about gaining weight throughout pregnancy. Am I gaining too much?  Am I gaining too little weight for my baby?  Why does my facebook friend have [...]

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Zika Virus

A patient in Dallas appears to have been infected with the Zika virus after having intercourse with a person who contracted the virus in Venezuela, officials announced Tuesday. CDC has confirmed the Dallas infection, although [...]

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