When do I Need to Start Seeing an OB/GYN?






By Brian Welsh, MD

Current guidelines state that regardless of when a woman first has intercourse, she does not need a pap test until she attains the age of 21.  Prior to this the guidelines were that she should be tested when she became sexually active or attained […]

A Pregnancy Crash Course for Dad, Part 2




By Brian Welsh, MD


The baby is coming!  You may wonder how can I help during labor?  If you have not wondered how you can help, you should.  The most important thing is to support your partner in any way you […]

A Pregnancy Crash Course for Dad, Part 1

By Brian Welsh, MD





While women often prepare for and discuss pregnancy with their friends before, during, and after pregnancy, men often walk into a first pregnancy as clueless as T.J. Watt at a dance recital.  My most important recommendation […]

Important Construction Update for Baylor Grapevine


TEXRail has announced construction updates for Grapevine.  The rail line at Baylor Parkway will be closed from Tuesday, May 23 through Thursday, May 25.  After the lanes reopen, there will be periodic closures into July.  The Grapevine WalMart Drive will be closed into June.  See below for alternate routes.   If you need additional directions, call our office […]

Anesthesia Choices for Vaginal Delivery





By Brian D. Welsh, M.D.


To use or not to use any form of pain control at all during a vaginal delivery is a very personal choice.  At North Texas Women’s Healthcare, we encourage patients to explore their options for pain control and choose the best option for their […]

A Sneak Peek at Our New Alliance Location

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Our newest location’s address is 10840 Texas Health Trail, Suite 265, Fort Worth/Keller, TX 76244.  We are located in the Professional Office Building of the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance, at the corner of Golden Triangle and Old Denton […]

Holiday Closings


North Texas Women’s Health Care will close for Christmas on Monday, December 26th.  We will also close for New Year’s on Monday, January 2.


1 BChristmas is the season for peace, joy and fellowship with family and friends.  May the Christmas […]

New Grapevine Address

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Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th we moved and readied our new office in order to see patients bright and early Monday morning, November 21st.  Our new address is 1600 Lancaster Drive, Suite 101, Grapevine.  […]

Have You Heard? We Are Moving Our Grapevine Office, But Not Very Far!

data=RfCSdfNZ0LFPrHSm0ublXdzhdrDFhtmHhN1u-gM,5oH-ovrTcrmF3RJsg2ywjjxkj7V7yisuxdwiYjkZsgYeiO7LcuuoS8-6ThSkha1TkR_FRNFUa9XKiCNpu1K6GbJzkxkj_BR-KRAaO1uJbXcN12[1]Along with the changes accompanying Fall, North Texas Women’s Health Care has changes on the horizon.  To better serve our patients, we are moving our Grapevine office.  Our new address will be 1600 Lancaster Drive, Suite 101, Grapevine.  Our office will close Friday, November 18th for the move.  We will […]

You Are Thinking About Having A Baby

By Brian Welsh, MDDr Welsh 2

So you are considering having a baby.  All of your friends are posting all their maternity or new baby pictures on Facebook, and you decide it is time to start trying.  It is a life changing decision and there are many things […]